The Companies We Work With

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We work with companies from “un-sexy” old-school business to the most cutting-edge high tech firms.  We work with companies that sell products and services.  We work with companies that are “brick and mortar,” “web-based,” “mobile-based” or any combination.  Here is a sample of types of firms we’ve worked with over the last few years:

Service Businesses

Law Firms

Consulting Firms

A firm providing revolutionary physical therapy solutions

A limousine company

A 3d imaging company

A large-scale landscape contracting firm

A firm providing urban grassroots outreach to large institutional companies

Accounting firms

A private investigation firm

A firm providing pre-professional guidance to college athletes

Advertising firms

A revolutionary wellness gym business

A general contractor

A company providing comprehensive disaster preparation to homeowners

A commercial caterer

Consumer Products

Biotech companies

Apparel companies

A company providing elegant after-market designs for technology products

A company providing after-market modifications for exotic automobiles

A company selling respiratory equipment

A therapeutic pillow

A manufacturer of wireless audio speakers for the women’s market

Web and Media Companies

An on-line gaming company

Several mobile app companies

A cross-platform mobile app to auction seat upgrades for airlines

Several cloud-based database firms

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