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But, the issues of when, how and how much to grow can be difficult, challenging and fraught with risk. Should you grow organically or by acquisition?  Should you use your own earnings to grow your business, or should you seek external financing?  And, if you seek external financing, should that take the form of debt, equity or a hybrid?  Is this a good time to diversify and, if so, should that diversification be horizontal, vertical, or both?

This is where we come in.  Strategy That Rocks has extensive experience in the science and art of surveying the competitive landscape and recommending the very best path to follow.  Often, that path is not a traditional or obvious one.  That’s why we ROCK!  And, part of what we “bring to the table” is a massive “Rolodex” of world-class experts and professionals who can help your team execute whatever plan you adopt.

And, of course, we are always happy to meet with any prospective client, off the clock, to determine whether we can be helpful.

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