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For Strategy That Rocks, referrals from other professionals are our lifeblood.

We want you to know both how we treat referral sources, and their clients.  We also want you to have in mind how and when it’s appropriate to make a referral to us.


How We Treat Referral Sources  And Their Clients

We never, ever “poach” clients.  Any services that you, as a referral source, can possibly provide to a client will always go back to you, even if Strategy That Rocks could possibly also provide a similar service.  Likewise, if during a referred engagement, the occasion arises for an “out referral” to an additional professional, we will always give you the opportunity to make that out-referral yourself, if you wish.  In other words, we will only make an additional referral when, and if, you indicate that you want for us to do that.  Those potentially sensitive moments never escape anyone’s attention, because in every referred engagement, we actively keep the referral source unless the referral source or the client direct us otherwise.

We treat ALL our clients with the utmost respect, professionalism and discretion, with particular sensitivity to the very legitimate concerns of referral sources.  We strive, in every engagement, for complete client satisfaction — we’re not happy unless and until the client is happy.  We are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that every referral reflects wonderfully on the referral source, so that you’re always pleased and proud to have referred Strategy That Rocks.


How Do You Know When It’s Appropriate To Refer A Client To Us?

One way to know when a referral to Strategy That Rocks would be appropriate is to ask your clients these questions:

1.  Do you have a business plan, and, if so, how long as it been since you updated it?  Would it be helpful to have a “fresh set of eyes” take a look at your business to see if there are important opportunities you’ve overlooked?

2.  Would it help your business to see if there are important opportunities you’ve overlooked?

3.  Would it help your business to have more capital and, if so, how much and what would you use it for?

4.  What would an ideal “exit” from your business look like — a sale, a merger, a transfer to employees or to the your heirs?

5.  What assumptions underlie your business planning and have you done all you can do to challenge and test those assumptions?

6.  What changes are occurring in your market or industry that you should be dealing with?

7.  Does it ever seem like you’re so close to issues surrounding your business, that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees?


Of course, this is a just one way of assessing when a referral is appropriate.  As you come to know about our skills and professionalism, your own judgment will be the best guide of when to contact us.  It’s important to know, however, that we are always happy to meet with any prospective client — “off the clock” — to give them an honest assessment of whether we can provide them valuable services, in a cost-efficient way.

We look forward to having the opportunity to prove ourselves to you, and your clients.

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