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“Who are you?” is a really interesting question… and one with a lot of different answers, all  of which are correct in some sense.

The term, “We” in this context means, of course, Strategy That Rocks.  Strategy That Rocks is, in one sense, merely a pseudonym for its principal, Doug Levinson.  But, Strategy That Rocks is also much more than that because, in every engagement, we we can and do leverage a massive “Rolodex” of world-class subject matter experts — accountants, lawyers, IT specialists, marketing professionals, operations gurus, bankers, artists, HR experts, just to name a few — to build amazing teams.  Those teams work WITH Strategy That Rocks, not FOR us.  We’re the force that brings those teams together; we’re the glue that holds those teams together; and we provide the leadership to make sure every member of those teams works together smoothly and efficiently, at the highest possible level, to ensure that our client’s objectives are attained in a prompt, cost-effective way.

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t also note that — depending on the context — the answer to the question “who are you?” might also be “Daddy,”  ”Husband,”  ”Son,”  ”Brother,”  ”Professor,”  ”Neighbor”  ”Professional Colleague,” “Anonymous Donor”  ”Friend,” (that’s one of my favorites) or “Companion to Pagey-The Dog.”  All of those are badges I’m proud to wear at times.

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