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Doug Levinson is one of the most insightful and energetic strategists I know; he takes the time to understand the business desires of the entrepreneur or C Level executive and jumps in with both feet.

Kent Seton, Esq., Managing Partner Seton & Associates, PLC

As a small family business owner, it is exceedingly difficult to find any service providers that are both willing and able to treat my business with the level of care and integrity that we use to guide our principals and decisions.  Doug and his colleagues, however, are unique in that they recognize businesses are about people and intangible factors that cannot always be quantified, and that successful consulting strategies cannot simply be guided by annual reports.  We love working with them and highly recommend them and their approach.

Bradley M. Gold, Executive Vice-President Adams Foam

Doug Levinson (and Strategy that Rocks) are consistently brilliant.  Ferociously smart.  Relentlessly strategic.  When it comes to navigating our growth, there’s no one we’d rather have in our corner.

Harry Nelson, Managing Partner, Fenton Nelson, LLP/Founder, Compliasense, Inc.

I have known Doug Levinson for many years and have found him to be one of the most intelligent, conversational, strategic-thinking professionals that I have ever known. Doug has a way of seeing opportunity when many see either a brick or blank wall, and is able to convert that vision into a strategy that is pertinent and specific to the task at hand.

Bob Pearlman, Partner, Assurance Business Line Leader, BDO

Doug is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle…While not exactly Winston Churchill, Doug Levinson is the epitome of smart, savvy, and sassy. He will challenge you and your business plans, while at the same time making tipping point suggestions seemingly out of nowhere. That is how his brain fires, and it most often hits the mark. Whenever I need a checkup or a direct response to a business quandary, I only go to Doug. You should do likewise.

Davis Blaine, Founder Provisors, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Mentor Group and Mentor Securities

Doug brings that terrific blend of passion and creative know-how that makes you want him on your team.  Let’s just say if I were stranded on the moon, he’d be among the first resourceful guys I’d call to help figure out a way to get me home.  And we’d enjoy ourselves in the process!

Julie Grass, President, The Momentum Group

It has been my pleasure to have formed both a personal and professional relationship with Doug Levinson, one that has stretched over the last three decades or so.  I originally worked with Doug as an expert witness when he had his own law practice.  Never have I met someone who was both incredibly knowledgeable and also wonderfully gifted as a personable and competent attorney.  Doug is gifted with an incredible memory and is technically proficient in numerous areas.  The last decade or so, while Doug has been involved in numerous start-ups, going concerns and businesses in trouble, I have marveled at his brilliant insights into whatever company or project with which he has been involved.  He has the ability to take in an enormous amount of information, reduce it to its most basic message, delineate numerous avenues of additional potential merit and then advise as to how best execute whatever plans are necessary to achieve the goal.  Doug has clearly demonstrated his “out-of-the-box” thinking which has paid off handsomely to numerous of his clients.

Steven M. Franklin, CPA/CFF, CFE

Director of CBIZ, an NYSE Company and

Shareholder of Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C., an independent CPA firm

In 1995 my soon to be business partner and I decided we wanted to open our own advertising/design firm so we turned to Doug Levinson for his guidance.  Since that day Doug has always been there for us, ready to share his invaluable knowledge and awesome motivation.  It’s been 17 years since that first strategic meeting.  We are a proud multi-million dollar small business with 9 full time employees and continue to grow stronger every year.  We are, and will forever be, grateful for our relationship with Doug.

Pamela Campisciano, President, RPM Designs, Inc.

Doug is a very creative business strategist. When he works on an assignment he not only learns everything he can about the business, but also about the people behind the business. He knows what makes a business tick and how to make it tick even better. The clients love him and the results are great.

Bruce D. Andelson, Corporate Partner, Greenberg & Glusker

Doug Levinson is absolutely brilliant.  His unique ability to cut right to the core of a critical business or legal issue is matched only by his deep and abiding passion, energy and devotion to his clients, colleagues and friends.  I can’t say enough great things about Doug.  He lights up any room that he walks into — and I would recommend him to any client for a truly brilliant and honest assessment of their business strategy and needs.

David Kesselman, Esq., Goldberg, Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP

Doug is a talented, innovative business advisor to his clients.  He is unique in his ability to combine financial and legal expertise to help businesses reach their potential.  I routinely make referrals to Doug, who is one of the smartest people I know.

Joel Berman, Corporate Partner, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP

Doug offers exceptional insight, practical creativity and an unwavering commitment to his every project. His signature high octane energy and breath of knowledge is invaluable to any business that truly wants to see radical change.

Beatrice Felix,  CEO Pivotal Mindset

Doug is a triathlete of an elite class in business; from blue sky strategic thinking, negotiating deal terms or operationalizing a vision any company would be in good hands having his firm involved.

William Merchan, VP Business Development/GM Dynamic Pricing: MarketShare

Doug Levinson is living proof that running a business, and working with a business consultant to enhance it, does not have to be boring.  Leveraging a background which combines a record of entrepreneurial success, experience as a practicing attorney, and a hard-earned reputation as a highly regarded business professor, Doug prescribes business solutions that are at once outlandish, incisive and brass-tacks-practical.


Todd Moster, Esq., President, Moster Legal Placement, Inc., Author, The Underground Guide to Job Interviewing

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